Most of what we do in our homes is for all to see – the fresh flowers in the lounge and the arrangement of family photos. But do we give enough thought to what is invisible to the naked eye?

Yes, we’re talking about dust mites, bacteria and germs. Left to do as they please, these little critters can cause allergies and other health problems. They’re very easy to keep under control, though. All it comes down to is keeping your bedding and a few other dust and dirt collecting items in the home fresh.

  • Carpets and rugs

    Everything we step in gets deposited onto the carpets and rugs in our homes. Just imagine how much dust, dirt and grime that is for a family of four. Now add a pet and you really have a problem!

    If this is your family, you have to treat the carpets and rugs in your home to a deep clean as often as every three months, but at least every six to nine months. Of course it’s still important to vacuum regularly.

    Image: Bloglovin

  • Sheets and pillowcases

    Dead skin flakes, sweat, make-up and similar deposits collect in sheets and pillowcases. Dust mites live off these substances, so sheets and pillowcases should be washed at least once a week.

    A cold wash for your bedding is fine, but a warm wash is preferable. To dry your sheets and pillowcases, hang them out to dry on a sunny day; pop them into a tumble dryer during rainy seasons.

  • Lounge and bedroom curtains

    The curtains in your lounge and bedroom flank the windows in your home. Unfortunately that refreshing breeze that flows through said windows carries dust; dust that collects in curtains.

    To rid curtains of dust, shake them out just before you vacuum the carpets. If the material is a sturdy one, use the small nozzle of the vacuum to do a proper clean.

    Image: Ideas to Steal

  • Shower curtain and bathroom towels

    When not dried properly, the shower curtain in your bathroom as well any towels will eventually go mouldy. This is a situation you want to prevent at all costs, as mould is hazardous to your health.

    To dry towels properly, they have to be hung up as soon as you’ve finished using them. Throw them in the wash after every three to five uses. As for the shower curtain, draw it closed in-between uses. For a more hygienic option, replace the curtain with a shower door. It’s more modern too.

    Image: urban outfitters