Ideas you – and your visitors – will love.

Create a sense of spaciousness: Although the guest bathroom is often a small space, guests don’t want to feel cramped. Use clever methods such as freestanding sanitaryware and reflective surfaces for a spacious feeling. Also ensure there is room for visitors to place cosmetics with shelf or vanity counter, and a hook to hang clothes or robes.

Keep it clean and fresh: Clutter should be kept to a minimum, and wall-hung toilets are more hygienic as they can be cleaned underneath. Light colours create a fresh feeling, and are also tranquil for guests to feel relaxed. Hang clean towels on heated towel rails, which have the benefit of drying damp items quickly to prevent any mustiness. Light a scented candle or have a room freshener for a sweet-smelling ambience.

Make guests feel comfortable: While space may be limited, consider installing more luxury sanitaryware so guests can have an enjoyable experience. Deep baths, walk-in showers with customisable settings and wide basins will make bathing a pleasure. Install a mirror and good-quality lighting for guests to check their appearance. Keep fixtures simple and easy to use, so guests won’t feel intimidated in the space. Fluffy towels and spare toiletries, such as shower gel and toothpaste, are essential.

Images: Duravit