A well-designed space is a well-balanced space. Here are our top design tips to consider when arranging your living room.

Create a focal point: Every well-balanced space needs a captivating feature or object that immediately captures your attention when you walk into the room. The focal point can be a large sofa, a striking cabinet or your favourite artwork; proudly displayed on a feature wall. All remaining room elements should complement and relate to the focal point.

Consider the position of your furniture: Keep the focal point (where your eyes first focus upon when entering a room) facing the entry-way of the room, and position your coffee or center table in the center point (most likely the middle) of the room, with seating arranged around it. If you have a particularly large living room, consider creating two center points.

Consider the rule of threes: Position your furniture in clusters of three. The rule of threes dictates that our senses find groupings of odd numbers more natural and less forced than even-numbered groupings, and this can be applied to furniture placement. This equation can also be applied to choosing room colours with the 60-30-10 ratio; 60% being the base colour, 30% the secondary colour and 10% being the accent colour.

Incorporate texture and tone: Are you a fan of the Scandi-chic look? Do you love the idea of an all-white room? Even if you like to keep your colour palette neutral and minimalist, remember to incorporate numerous shades and textures into the space as a way of creating visual interest and overall balance.

Balance is key: If you’re a fan of bold colour, remember to always pick a neutral foundational tone for all the colours to pop against. Bold patterned items need to be balanced by a neutral background and furniture in strong neutrals or solid colours within the same colour family.