Look out for Karpet Kraft’s exclusive new range of classic contemporary rugs! The range consists of four collections in trending colours. The company has also just unveiled its exciting teen collection inspired by the Pop Art movement, as well as a kids’ collection.

Husky Urban Stripe

The rugs are manufactured mainly with specialty silky yarns, with a clever use of pile-height variation and contrasting shine and flat colour.

Karpet Kraft is a specialist flooring provider, offering a wide selection of products including the Husky brand of custom-designed and manufactured rugs and carpets.

Karpet Kraft Graffio

Carpet and rug cleaning tips:

Regular maintenance is essential to keep the quality and appearance of your rug or carpet and to extend its life for as long as possible.

Vacuum your carpet regularly – this means that you should vaccum your carpet at least once a week, but as often as necessary – even daily if required.

Do not allow spills or stains to set in – act while the mark is fresh or wet and remove spills and stains immediately.

Do not rub or brush a spill – blot up excess liquid quickly with a white absorbent paper or cloth. Work from the outside towards the centre of the spill, to avoid making the stain larger.

View and feel Karpet Kraft’s full range of exciting products at the Kramerville showroom.

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Karpet Kraft Patchwork