Black is back. Both timelessly contemporary and elegantly chic, it’s no longer a trusted supporting act. It has taken over as the neutral tone of choice.

Cold, Gothic, dreary, it is often a misunderstood décor colour. When used correctly, it can convey an air of mystery and drama or create a sense of space.

In the kitchen

Black is the new go-to colour for high-ticket items in the kitchen, such as cabinetry and appliances, as these items are not easily rotated out each season.


Andrew Scott, director at Spotlight Joinery, points out that charcoal is especially hot in the kitchen right now. As is slate. According to Raig Russell, MD of AGA, “Slate is rich, sumptuous and has real depth with a feeling of timeless modernity.”


However Scott points out that midnight finishes should be strongly thought out. “Black is the least forgiving colour, so any imperfections, scratches and dust will show up.”


In the living room

“Black and white continues its reign in 2018, bringing plenty of contrasts and a clean, minimal look,” says Yulande Roxburgh, CEO of Clever Little Monkey and VOX Furniture SA. Look out for black and white patterned soft furnishings, which work beautifully with solid wood items. “The effect is oh-so-modern, without being overly sterile,” she notes.

Black is the ideal foundation palette for living spaces. Depending on your furniture and accessories, it can support a timeless and elegant décor scheme or a super-sleek modern aesthetic.

Go Modern Furniture

In the bedroom

While black linen seems an unlikely bedfellow, less dramatic elemental renditions infuse bedrooms with character. A plush charcoal duvet set can add instant drama without overpowering the entire room.

Linen House

Accessories can be changed as seasons and trends change. So be brave and infuse your bedroom with character by adding a black statement chair.

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