You can’t go wrong with one of the brightest and most uplifting colours in the spectrum. From amber and apricot to canary and mustard, yellow looks great when teamed with brown, red, blue and green. Yellow feature walls, deep buttoned sofas and decor accessories are a sure fire way to add a concentration of happiness into your home.

  • Sweet dreams

    The pale cream and warm yellow walls, floors and curtains add an immense amount of depth and comfort to this room. For added luxury and interest, the room features a sheep skin throw and Moroccan-themed ottoman.

  • Yellow drama

    Bright yellow walls provide a sunny lift to this dramatic living room. We love how the bright red occasional chairs pop against the high-energy yellow.

    Image: AD Design File

  • Bold and beautiful

    Hot pink and mustard are a visually exciting colour combination. The space is fun, exotic and modern. The bright splatter painting and turquoise pendant light add an element of hippy chic.

    Image: Homefic

  • If these shelves could talk

    Who says storage cupboards need to be a boring brown? A feature has been made out of this unusual wall unit. Turquoise wallpaper, a variety of feminine accessories and open shelves painted in white look great when teamed together.

    Image: Project Nursery

  • Sunny accessories

    Ceiling medallions look like glorious spheres of sunlight, when painted a variety of creamy yellow shades.

    Image: Apartment Therapy