Picture yourself walking into a room. It could be anywhere from your bedroom to a hotel room in a faraway country where you once stayed. What do you notice? The lines, shapes and colours of the décor? The feel of the floor beneath your feet? The various fabrics and textures of the furnishings? What about the scent?

All of these sensory elements give a room its own distinct character, but it is the fragrance that gives it a unique, fourth dimension. Glade, one of South Africa’s leading home fragrance brand, invites budding decorators and designers to choose one of six select Glade scents, lose themselves in the creativity that the smell unleashes and use their imagination to design a room based on that inspiration. It can be any in-home space from a bedroom or office, to a lounge or atrium. Regardless of which room they choose, it must showcase the influence that fragrance has on décor and design.

The six winners will have their design recreated on a life-size scale for display at the Glade Sensorium, which will be seen by a live audience during a countrywide road show. Designs will also be featured on TV and in print media.

Glade Marketing Manager Michelle Cloete, says, “More and more interior decorators are recognising that fragrance is just as important as furnishings and lighting to a room’s décor to ensure that a house becomes a home. It can also serve as inspiration for the theme and style of a space. Glade offers an array of premium quality, lasting and inspiring scents such as Morning Freshness, Floral Perfection, Harmony, Lavender, Clean Linen and Falling in Love to add this element.

Entries close on 12 October 2012. For more information and to enter the competition, click here.