By Trisha Harinath

People are always looking for ways in which they can create havens of rest and relaxation and what better way to turn towards to stars in the quest for the perfect and well-balanced space. In this four-part series, we will be taking a look at how you can find inspiration in your Zodiac sign and decorate your home accordingly.

The trendy and fashionable Gemini

Those bearing the sign of Gemini tend to fill their spaces with novelty and flair, constantly looking for pieces that serve a dual purpose. The style of a Gemini is definitely “what’s hot” not “been there and done that”! Sociable and mutable Gemini’s need light, commodious and easily transforming interiors. They lean towards trends, but will always have an affinity towards retro. Interior colours for Gemini’s should be light shades, but not pale. Try yellows, but also opt for light blues and greens. Freedom-loving Gemini’s love mirrors of different shapes and bright wall prints as well. Born under the air element, Gemini’s should opt for light, mobile furniture pieces.

The calm and balanced Libra

Due to your need for balance and harmony, those born under the Libra zodiac sign prefer large, open spaces where elements flow together. A good place to start when decorating for a Libran is to look towards the Far East. Comfortable seating, dim lighting and lightly-fragrant candles are bound to be found in the home of a Libran. Libras are also romantic personalities and decorate their homes with the flowers and the water-colour landscapes. When it comes to colour schemes, Librans prefer pastels, airy greens and blues. For accent colours, think along the lines of violet, dark blue, light blue and even lilac. When it comes to furnishing, Librans prefer proportions, symmetry and rounded angles.

The light and individual Aquarius

Those born under the sign Aquarius tend to impose their unique and forward-thinking ideas – Aquarians need to be different. Their interior styles are charaterised by unexpected decisions, are avant-garde and creative. When it comes to colours, Aquarians are drawn towards silver, metallic and blues. They love bright accent colours that can be combined with grey, cream or white as well. When it comes to fabrics, Aquarians prefer monochromatic fabrics with interesting textures rather than patterns. Aquarians like everything new and unusual. It is the reflection of their freedom-loving nature. Lots of metal details and glossy textures can be found in the home of an Aquarian. In terms of furnishing, Aquarians opt for pieces that are extraordinary and multi-functional.

Look out for next week’s post, where we will be looking at the water signs!