The June issue of SA Home Owner is packed with fabulous design ideas to inspire our readers to create cosy and chic homes. Here are a few – just to whet your appetite.

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Megan Schumann of Caesarstone: “Your kitchen surfaces are your most hardworking item in the home. They get touched, cleaned and chopped on every day. The two most important things to look for are durability and longevity – then you can assess how luxurious it is. It is also hard to identify with luxury when scrubbing and cleaning, so always opt for non-porous surfaces that are low-maintenance.”

Fresh Concrete Caesarstone island and countertops, designed and installed by Boutique Homes in Australia

Glenn Varrie of Summer Place Spas & Baths: “The latest innovations in jetted spa baths is the move from built-in bath tubs to wholly integrated freestanding units that include all the necessary pumps, plumbing, heating units etc and require only that they be connected to water supply and waste.”

Summer Place Spas & Baths

According to @home’s Gift Mazibuko, you can expect to find a lot of moody bedroom linens and accessories, such as shades of grey and blue, with bolder shades such as ochre to add contrast and warmth. “It all depends on the look you want to achieve. For light layering, tassel or faux mink throws are light and multifunctional, but the bigger trend leans towards velvet fabrics, making a velvet quilt an ideal way to dress your bed this season.”


Touchstone Lighting’s Walter De Lima: “Ambient lighting is commonly used as the gateway to a clear vision with the main aim to emit suitably strong light into the room, allowing all inhabitants to safely navigate around and use the space for the intended purpose. Due to its vital role it’s essential that your ambient lighting promotes a comfortable level of brightness and colour.”

Touchstone Lighting

“Colour is one of our main components and the starting point to a kid’s room. The colour of the space will set the tone of the room. For example, pops of colour make for a playful space,” says Leigh Cattel of Simply Child Interior Styling.

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