The October issue of SA Home Owner is packed with fabulous design ideas to inspire our readers to create luxurious homes. Here are a few – just to whet your appetite.

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Linear Concepts’ Selma Zaifoglu: “The most popular cooker hoods on the market are the downdraft and built-in extractors. These are common due to the sleek and seamless look that complements most modern designs. The downdraft technology adds an element of interest when rising from the island that can wow guests.” Read more in The extractor evolution – pages 138 – 142.

Linear Concepts

Karin Cawthorne from KARE: “Both poufs and ottomans can offer the punctuation to a room, or more precisely, the exclamation points! Poufs offer a more relaxed approach to a room and are perfect for TV and family rooms. Ottomans can offer something more casual but also offer value in more structured or elegant spaces.” Read more in Sitting pretty – pages 156 – 160.


Charles Gonsenhauser from Gonsenhausers Fine Rugs: When it comes to rugs and designing your living room, “you should consider how the room will be used and the flow of the room. These answers will inform all your choices including how many rugs you require and where they’ll be placed”. Read more in Sitting pretty – pages 164 – 168.

Gonsenhausers Fine Rugs

Shazeen Jooma of Classic Luxury Tiles & Bathrooms: “A statement bath or basin is generally defined predominantly on its sheer design features. The uniqueness of the bath/basin in terms of the shape and how the water flows is one of the main contributing factors that define a showstopping bath/basin. The second factor would be the material of the product. It could be made of glass, ceramic or marble among others. The technology behind such products needs to be functional considering the use of the application. The addition of colours such as gold or matte black adds to the complete look of a stunning bath/basin. The aesthetic appearance and pure unique design features are ultimately what make the product a showstopper.” Read more in The showstopper – pages 148 – 152.

Classic Luxury Tiles & Bathrooms

Craig de Necker of The Friendly Plant.“As hardy succulents (vetplante) have adapted to flourish in the harshest and most eco-sensitive of terrains, they require little attention and minimal water, other than natural rainfall.” Read more in Hedge fund – page 192.

The Friendly Plant