Designing and fitting out a nursery is a time-consuming and expensive exercise, and babyhood is such a short period of time that many parents bemoan spending a lot of money on nurseries.

Decorators and seasoned parents alike advise that you design and fit-out a nursery that can grow with baby so that you have the best of both worlds – a beautiful stylish nursery that is enduring; thus justifying both time and money spent and satisfying the needs and tastes of both parents (who spend a lot of time in a nursery) and baby alike.

To create an enduring nursery opt for:

Fabulous fabrics: Grown up patterns like vintage florals and toiles for girls and chevrons and stripes for boys.

Bold colours: Stay away from pastels and make use of a more chic, grown-up colour palette like rose, teal and peach for girls and primary colours like navies and reds for boys.

Wise colour choices: Use neutral colours for big, expensive objects like curtaining, upholstery and light fittings and accessorize with traditional baby colours and fabrics. Cushions, curtain tie-backs, stuffed animals and inexpensive art prints (framed in reusable frames) make a grown-up room feel like a nursery and they can be swapped out for more age-appropriate furnishings easily, and inexpensively.

Paint and wall decals: Instead of using wall-paper (which is expensive and labour-intensive to remove) use paint or wall decals which can be changed easily.

Furniture that lasts: Buy convertible furniture like cribs which convert into toddler beds and desks. If you don’t want to invest in convertible furniture, which can be costly, then skip toddler beds and toddler-sized furniture and buy adult-sized furniture straight away.

You can do without a changing station, which is used for such a short time, and either use a foam mattress on top of a chest of drawers or buy a bed to change the baby on.