By Heidi Olivier, Project Consultant Monique Rankine, Property Coordinator Marlize du Rand, Photographer Nic Baleta

Moving from a farm into town, these owners were looking for a large enough stand to give their young children the freedom to run around. “I had compiled a scrapbook of my dream home over a period of 10 years and really wanted to have it one day. So when we needed to repair the badly leaking roof we took the opportunity to add another floor to the home and it all snowballed from there,” says the owner.

What started out as a small addition became a whole new project as the foundation of the home had to be reinforced and some of the walls needed to be moved. “We sat down with a structural engineer to discuss exactly what his suggestions were and from there we had to consult an architect to assist with the changes on the ground floor as well as new additions,” explains the owner.

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