85 Lamps

Soft lamp

Sticky lamp


Bottoms up doorbell



Twin stopper

Window drops

Rag chair

Based in Amsterdam, Droog is a design company with global impact. Their funky and innovative products are designed to be different and recontextualise the use of everyday objects. Available in South Africa through Label Orange, here are our top ten products from Droog.

1. 85 Lamps R48 112

This lamp uses only what is necessary to create light: bulbs, wires, connectors. By multiplying these essential elements an opulent chandelier is created.

2. Soft lamp R2 443

This lamp gives a new use to the old PVC dip technique. The material of the soft lampshade gives the impression that the cord is melting into the shade and when the light is turned on the seemingly opaque material radiates a warm glow.

3. Sticky lamp R450

This design brings a new function to packaging as the plastic which would normally be discarded has become the casing. You can stick it wherever you want, on the ceiling, the door, wall or floor.

4. Birdhouse R1 615 

This is a three star bird restaurant for small birds.

5. Bottoms up doorbell R2 776 

With the Bottoms up doorbell nothing is hidden. The sound is created and symbolized by the crystal wineglasses. Guests are announced with a musical toast of this doorbell.

6. Strap R301

This design gives the ordinary bike strap a new function in the home. Books, magazines, toys and other objects can be stored behind these colorful rubber belts. Sold per single piece.

7. Sucker R230

The Sucker solves the problem of having to drill holes in tiles, glass or any other smooth surface. Its beauty lies in its simplicity and the experience of attaching it to the wall.

8. Twin stopper R298

Twin stopper has asymmetrical ends to deal with varying gaps between doors and floors in a compact way.

9. Window drops R312

These self-adhesive transparent ‘water drops’ can be stuck on windows and mirrors. They morph the user’s view and create interesting reflections.

10. Rag chair R55 087

Thie chair is layered from the contents of 15 bags of rags. It arrives ready made but the user has the option to recycle his own discarded clothes to be included in the design.


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