Trellidor Clear Guard was brought into South Africa as an alternative method of securing doors and windows, particularly for people not keen on conventional security gates and burglar proofing.  They’ve turned out to be popular for eco-estate homes as they allow clear views of the natural surroundings while providing protection from opportunistic thieves as well as insects and animals that live alongside the human residents.

Designed to fit right in

Designed to blend in with the architectural and decor style of just about any home, the product consists of a high tensile stainless steel mesh screen encased in a sleek aluminium frame.  Each unit is custom-manufactured by Trellidor to work the same way as the existing door or window, whether it’s a sash window, a sliding door or a bi-fold door, a French door or window or simply a hinged door.

The frame can be powder coated to match the colour of doors and windows so that it’s completely unobtrusive.  With windows and doors open and Trellidor Clear Guard screens closed, residents can enjoy the bird song and fresh air that are part of an eco-estate environment without even noticing they’re protected by what is essentially a security barrier.

Wind tunnel tests have shown that Trellidor Clear Guard security screens are very effective in reducing the effect of wind and also stop beach sand and dust from blowing indoors. This protection is also very welcome when new homes are being built on the estate, bringing with them brick dust and other construction hazards.

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