By Caroline Dott, Project Consultant Debbie Zeelie, Property Coordinator Wadoeda Brenner, Photography Vorsprung Studio

Building a home from foundation to finish requires vision, passion and patience. This home owner and his team tirelessly oversaw the construction of this home, from the early sketches to the final product, to create a modern, easy-living and spacious home with a sophisticated look.

From the outside, a passer-by’s eye is caught by the home’s contemporary design – a neutral palette on the walls is interrupted by the first floor’s sheer glass facade. Acute angles incorporated into the home’s floor and ceiling give the building an exciting shape, making it interesting to look at, while maintaining a sophisticated quality.

The home’s interior is tastefully decked and furnished in medium, light and white finished woods, with darker wood used to accent particular rooms or features.

The stainless-steel staircase and landing also add an interesting aesthetic, contrasting with the otherwise smooth, wooden finishes. The home owner has taken full advantage of the positioning of the house with the use of large windows and glass doors throughout, in order to capitalise on the natural light, to keep the home bright, airy and calm.

This allows the family to enjoy the sunshine in the kitchen-cum-dining room, lounge and bedrooms. The large lounge receives the most generous amount of incoming sunlight and has views to match, making it the ideal space for relaxation or entertaining.

In keeping with the contemporary theme, the stacking doors leading onto the patio are framed with aluminium, providing a pleasing contrast with the light space. Feature plants add to the natural feel inside the home, and subtly link the interior to the exterior, where groomed trees dot the garden.