Trellidor offers some beautiful products that you can experiment with on doors and windows in your own home using augmented reality, so get out your smartphone and have some fun with it!

Trellidor is not just about steel burglar bars and security gates. Beautiful louvre shutters, stylish see-through screen doors and windows, invisible polycarbonate bars and aluminium rolling shutters are also part of the product mix.

Before making up your mind up on what to install, whether it is a security barrier or a more decorative window covering, “try before you buy”’ by experimenting with various designs using your smartphone and different products from the Trellidor range.

This is made possible by augmented reality, which provides an easy-to-use interactive experience of your own real-world environment with superimposed Trellidor products. Try out different designs on your windows and doors, change the colours of each Trellidor product, and select open or close for those that offer these options.

You can make an informed choice about what you really want in terms of style and design before calling in your local Trellidor outlet to measure up and custom-manufacture your selected products.

Try these simple steps to use augmented reality (AR) with Trellidor products using your smartphone:

  1. Go to the Trellidor website and click on ‘Experience AR
  2. Choose the product you want and the most suitable model to secure a window or a door in your home.
  3. Click the AR BUTTON in the top right-hand corner (Make sure your device software is up to date).
  4. If you’re on your laptop, use your cellphone’s camera to scan the QR code that pops up to open in AR Mode. If you’re on your cellphone, AR Mode will activate automatically.
  5. Position the 3D model on the door or window you want to secure.
  6. Scale the model using your mobile device touch gestures.
  7. Once the model fits your requirements, tap the screen to show your device camera buttons and take a photo.
  8. Try different products and compare them in your phone’s gallery.

Watch the video on how to use Trellidor AR

Nothing can replace a face-to-face consultation with an expert who can answer all your product questions, though, so once you’ve played around with a few options for your doors and windows, call your closest Trellidor outlet. They’ll make an appointment for a consultant to visit your home and give you information, advice, and a quote on all your chosen Trellidor product options.