Not looking forward to moving your entertaining indoors during autumn and winter? Paul O’Brien from Blind Designs discusses why outdoor blinds are a must-have during the cooler months.

Protection from the elements

Outdoor blinds are the perfect autumn addition to your outside living area. With the sun passing a little lower and the evenings distinctly cooler, they will provide protection from afternoon glare and take the edge off the nighttime chill.

Cutting-edge design

The hi-tech fabrics used in Blind Designs outdoor blinds are specifically formulated and manufactured to withstand the sun’s harmful UV rays while protecting your furniture. The screen fabrics have the distinct advantage of providing a clean and modern look free of seams and joins, which is in sharp contrast to the traditional canvas outdoor blind.

Easy to use

Blind Designs outdoor blinds require minimal effort to use. Simply lower and raise the blind using a removable crank handle or you can motorise your blind for ease of use.

It will stay put

The blind is secured at the bottom with a selection of hold-down clips, which allows the blind to remain down during windy weather. You can also select a Channel X Blind that is fully enclosed on the top and sides.

Maximum views

Blind Designs outdoor blinds are designed to allow you to maintain your view while controlling heat, wind and glare. They’re the perfect addition to your outside living area to make it more comfortable all year round.