Making a big style statement, an extractor’s role might be the same, but so much has changed that when buying this necessity, you need to think twice (or possibly thrice) before swiping your card. To aid you, we chat to experts in the industry to find out what should be on your mind when selecting your hood…

DK Gas Appliances

On the market…

At the moment there are a few different types of cooker hoods available:

• There is the built-in extractor, also known as an integrated cooker hood, which is fitted inside your kitchen cabinetry.
• The canopy hood, which like the built-in extractor is fitted to the cabinetry, but has an extendable feature that forms a “canopy” over the cooker.
• The chimney-style cooker hood is a stylish option that is mounted to a wall and complements wide stoves/burners.
• The downdraft extractor, which is ideal for minimalist contemporary kitchens, as it simply (and at the press of a button) disappears out of sight into the cabinetry when not in use.
• Island cooker hoods are perfect if you’ve got your stove/cooker fitted into an island. They are installed on the ceiling and can function as a statement in a kitchen.


Consider this…

When purchasing an extractor, with the varying options available, it’s important to have a budget and style in mind. Ebrahim Seedat of DK Gas Appliances advises that these points should be top of mind:

• Type of extractor/application or installation: For example, keep your preferences in mind; be it that you’d favour a wall or island mounted cooker hood or perhaps a downdraft extractor.
• Air flow in terms of duct out or recycling. A duct out system is not great for energy-efficient homes.
• The size of the appliance: 60cm or 90cm depending on the space you have for the extractor and the size of the cooker below.
• The space you have available in your kitchen to install your appliance in.
• Aesthetics such your preference of colour, shape and design.
• And most importantly, enquire about the power of extraction. Traditional types of extractors are generally more powerful.

DK Gas Appliances

Get connected…

Ideal for the modern automated home, Miele has recently introduced cooker hoods that feature WifiConn@ct technology. Mercia de Jager of Miele says: “With WifiConn@ct, the features of the appliances will be significantly enhanced and will enable direct integration into the Miele@mobile app with the MobileControl and status display functions. The app allows you to find out the status of your appliances, control them, it offers inspirational ideas, and it enables you to purchase accessories and consumables directly from your smartphone, tablet or computer.” Can you imagine starting or stopping your extractor by simply using the app while you are in another room? The bliss!


Featured images: Miele