Top tips for choosing the right fabric for your home.

Choosing the right fabric for your home can be daunting, to say the least. Navigating your way through reams of fabrics, collections and matching swatches can be downright intimidating. We ask the expert team from Hertex Fabrics to share some pointers.

Tip 1: Learn from your lifestyle

Taking your lifestyle into consideration is key when selecting fabrics. If your household is a hub of activity, steer clear of silks and satins, and opt for hardwearing and versatile fabrics such as leather, vinyl, cotton, linen and wool, in neutral hues such as grey, navy and black.

Tip 2: Testing, testing 1,2,3

You’ll interact daily with the fabrics in your home, so it’s important to test them out at home before you buy. Bring home a few fabric samples and hold the fabric up to a window to see how light filters through it. Varying textures reflect light differently, so test all samples in both natural and artificial lighting in the home. Interact with the fabric samples to gauge how comfortable they’ll be in the long run.

Tip 3: Curtain call

When selecting fabric for your curtains or blinds, ensure the fabric is the right weight and composition for its purpose. Neutral colours work well as window dressings, as they’re less likely to fade and will act as a neutral base for other furnishings. Linen and cottons lend a more casual feel to a scheme.

Tip 4: Colour and print

An understated palette of greys, blues and warm chocolate browns are a great base for building interiors, and for playing with pattern and texture. Upholster larger pieces in neutral fabrics, and dress them with punches of colourful, printed scatter cushions and throws.

Tip 5: Size matters

The wider the fabric, the less you will need to purchase; that’s why double-width fabrics are first prize. Always account for the width of the fabric before you calculate how much you will need.

Image: Hertex Fabrics