Starting out as an importer of digitally printed fabrics in 2014, Fabric Bank has developed into something much more. In 2016, after noticing a gap in the market place, Fabric Bank introduced in-house printing for clients. Owners, Shara Mordt and Bridgette Sutter, come from two different backgrounds but ultimately came together to create something that designers have been longing for.

Fabric Bank now offers bespoke digital printing and specializes in direct textile printing for all types of applications, varying from clothing to upholstery. This unique business offering does not only close a gap in the South African market but aims to create a local and international platform for artists and illustrators to showcase their work and potentially cross over to other artistic and creative avenues. “We focus on the development of local design and aim to assist all our clients to achieve their vision. We offer a service and platform that go hand in hand and hope to be able to promote and discover as much untapped talent as possible”, says Shara.

Their vision on their shared workspace, Design Office, is simple: to create a hub of design for people from all creative backgrounds, which is affordable, in a hot spot design area and allows the tenants to be exposed to different aspects of design that they might not be familiar with.

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