By Esther Moloi, Project Consultant Candice Jin, Property Coordinator Chantel Spence, Photography Nic Baleta

It’s not always easy building a home to suit the needs of every member of the family. This home owner wanted a house that not only looked sophisticated, but also encompassed the needs of her growing children.

“I wanted a home that was open-plan and modern, but also baby-friendly. I wanted to give the kids space to grow and play, without worrying too much about furniture being in the way,” she says. This essentially created the brief for the architect tasked with creating a dream home for this close-knit family.

In the entrance of the home, you are showered by light from an elaborate chandelier hanging from the triple-volume ceiling.

The tall, mirrored vase pedestals reflect this light as you walk in, welcoming you to a sanctuary of understated elegance.

“I really love the entrance to our home; I wanted an interesting entrance, and I didn’t want the usual pendant and crystal chandeliers,” notes the home owner. The open-plan setup encourages an inter-living environment. The home is a sociable space, with the entertainment area closely linked to the living area and the kitchen. “It was important for us to have a covered entertainment area that was closely linked to the house, as we love entertaining guests,” adds the home owner.

And in the middle of the space between the kitchen, living room and entertainment area is the home owner’s favourite piece – a white grand piano. “My son and I love the piano! He doesn’t know how to play, but he will be joining me for piano lessons. I love music,” she shares.

A love for German products influenced the style of the home. White is the main colour used, with a variety of pastel colours to brighten up the space. A spa bath was added to allow the kids to have some fun in the water, while also allowing the parents to indulge in a luxurious after a long day at work. This house is the ideal home for every member of the family.