By Karien Slabbert, Project Consultant Lorna Ioakim, Photography Bronwyn Greeff

Our home was built for family living, and this informed every choice we made in terms of design and architecture,” says the owner of this country-style home in a Midrand estate.

The close-knit family of five are real homebodies who like nothing more than spending quality time together. Four-legged family members include two cats and two newly acquired puppies.

Although the home is a masterclass in family-focused design, there is nothing lacking in the style department. The architecture reflects the owners’ love of modern-country design. Stone, exposed brick, wood and glass create an eclectic farm-style look that is both strikingly contemporary and homely.

“Our brief to the architect was a well-designed, spacious and functional family home. We also wanted the house to be low-maintenance – hence the brick and stone cladding,” says the owner.

A spiral staircase with stylish twists and turns is the home’s most striking design statement. “This is something that I’ve always dreamt of,” says the owner, adding that it gives the double-volume area a unique character.

Another showstopper is the super-sleek kitchen. “The architectural layout lent itself to the kitchen design. We love a central island, as it reaffirms the idea that the kitchen is the heart of our home. What’s better than huddling around the island while dinner is being prepared?”

The owners wanted the architectural elements of the home to enjoy centre stage, so they opted for minimalist, understated interiors. “We prefer an open, uncluttered look and feel, which informed our choice of a calm, muted colour palette.” The couple is still in the process of decorating, so, to date, their approach has been to mix old and new. “This is an ongoing journey which we hope to complete in the near future,” says the owner.

Aesthetics aside, comfort was top of mind. “While planning our home, the main focus was to create a comfortable open-plan space that our rather big family could enjoy,” says the owner.

The lounge is where the family gathers to chill out and relax. The house is perfectly suited to indoor-outdoor living, which the kids especially enjoy. The stacking doors open up to the patio and pool, serving as a clever link between indoors and outdoors.

This ensures that the kids roam free, pups in tow.

“Life is hectic, but there’s never a dull moment, which keeps life interesting,” says the owner.