Consider these five factors when choosing fabrics for a family living space.

1. Longevity. A rub test determines how much wear a fabric can cope with. The higher the rub count, the longer the fabric will last. For curtains, consider blockout or lining to prevent damage from the sun.

2. Easy to clean. Light fabrics show the dirt, so darker hues are a safer choice in a family area. Outdoor fabrics are a clever idea as they resist wet stains and won’t fade. Apply a fabric protector and consider slipcovers, which can be washed.

3. Fuss-free. Choose fabric that can remain crease-free after much use. Also avoid delicate fabrics, such as silk, as they can damage easily.

4. Comfort. The family living area should be an inviting space, so fabrics should be comfortable. Poly-cotton blends are pleasurable to sit on, as are microfibres, such as suede. For a cosy winter update, add chenille throws, which can be washed.

5. Fun. Fabrics need to be practical, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring in a family living area. Combine bright or patterned accessories, such as scatter cushions and throws, with larger neutral pieces to add liveliness to the space. They can also be easily updated.

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