By Rami Moorosi

This impressive dwelling was built on top of a hill, making the most of the nearby forest to one side and the ocean on the other.

The ingenuity of the architecture not only rests in the use of clean lines and its elegant simplicity, but in the way that it ensures that every room in the house is graced by the view of the sea. An abundance of large windows and stacking doors have been used to fill the interiors with natural light for an airy and relaxed atmosphere, as well as bringing the exquisite exteriors inside.

The home was designed to accommodate the residents in accordance with their needs. The teenage boys, who require their own space and privacy, have their bedrooms located on the lower lever. The middle floor is dedicated to the common living areas including the kitchen, entertainment area and patio as well as the large guest room. Located on the uppermost level is the master en-suite bedroom that boasts a large balcony.

Integrating the interior spaces with its natural exterior surroundings, the decor of the home has been created using a natural colour palette. Soft tones including browns, blues, whites and creams authenticate the natural ambience that this home portrays.

Apart from all the luxuries and comfort that the home provides its residents, the one factor that makes the home stand out is the way that visitors to this remarkable abode describe their feeling towards the home – “this is without a doubt a family home”.

The Kitchen Studio supplied and installed this kitchen’s cabinets and shelving in solid Steamed beech. The Steamed beech was imported directly from sustainable forests in Germany. The company also supplied wicker baskets, aluminium-framed sandblasted glass as well as antique brass handles. All of this combined to form the ultimate finishing touches for this culinary space.

Since its inception in 1993, Hans Coetzee Architect has been engaged in specialised architectural design. This architectural practice prides itself on maintaining a high level of architectural quality and practicality and is committed to designing environments that shape the way people live, learn, work, and play, and even uplift the human spirit.