By Jess Binns, Project Consultant Avril Elias, Property Coordinator Catherine de Vincenzo, Photography Chris Allan

Having lived in Durban for 12 years, this couple settled on a glorious spot within a safe and secure Durban golf estate to build their “forever” home. The single-storey house gently follows the contours of the ground, creating different platforms of garden terrace where they can watch the world go by.

The garden is a major part of the home. Lovingly cultivated and still in its early stages, it is already a source of pleasure for the owners as they observe its progression. Small level changes in the garden, and inside the house, create visual appeal. Landscaped mostly with soft planting, it features very little in the way of hard materials, only where necessary in order for the owners to maximise on greenery.

Having accumulated furniture from their previous home, the owners reused existing pieces, providing warmth and character. “I like modern things, but not ultra-modern. I like to keep it uncluttered, minimalistic,” says the owner.

To add interest to the decor, many of the rooms have painted feature walls. The spare bedrooms have been treated to different colour schemes, giving each space a unique identity, while the master bedroom remains gracefully neutral.

What is noticeable as you wander from room to room are the impeccably tailored window treatments; carefully draped curtains frame the view outside and soften the angular nature of the architecture. Another eyecatching feature are the custom kitchen splashbacks with their whimsical floral design. A variety of Persian rugs bring vibrancy and an air of past exotic travels to the home, complementing and lifting the dark leather sofas in the TV lounge.

It’s hard to believe the owners have only been here a year; the house feels so well established, with their personal stamp firmly in place. The owner says: “This was built as our ‘vrek plek’; we love it and will happily grow old here.”