Window frames come in a wide variety of styles and materials, suited to different needs. We bring you our top trends and where to use them.

Framed for action

Whether you opt for bespoke designs or trusted favourites, window frames complement your home’s overall aesthetics and visual appeal. And with all the options around, you’re spoilt for choice.

Design: Top-hung/awning windows

How they work: Hinged at the top of the frame, the bottom of the window opens by swinging outwards. When open, the glass pane slopes downwards and can be left open when it rains.


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Best for: Bathroom windows. “They offer partial ventilation, while still maintaining privacy if obscure glazing is used,” explains Cobus Lourens of Swartland.

Design: Full-pane windows

How it works: Large panes with slender frames promise unobstructed views. A variety of configurations, from single- to double- and triple-pane formats, offer several applications.

Best for: Creating a sense of space. “Full-pane windows are the ideal choice to create a seamless flow between your home’s indoor and outdoor spaces,” says Lourens.


Hot on the radar: Next-level interest

While living in a glass box might sound a touch risqué, a curtain of windows or large window panels will have your neighbours talking. Plus, it will add height, light and invite nature into your home.

Design: The sliding sash

How it works: Two movable panels, or sashes, slide vertically to open and close the window. On a single-hung sash window, only the bottom part of the window operates, while the top part remains stationary.

Best for: Timeless Victorian appeal with a modern twist.


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Hot on the radar: So faux

As with all things in life, convenience is king. “The mock sash, sliding sash and easy-lift options offer modern design fused with classic appeal,” says Nadine de Villiers, marketing manager of Van Acht.

Design: Horizontal gliding windows

How it works: Large panes or sashes slide open horizontally for maximum ventilation and minimal obstruction.

Best for: Where traditional side-hung windows would have been awkward to operate, like behind the kitchen sink or in a stairwell.



Design: Small-pane/cottage pane windows

How it works: A multi-pane window format where each sash is usually divided into two columns and five rows of glazing.

Best for: Security. Although the multi-pane designs can obstruct outdoor views, they’re security-savvy.


Design: Arched windows

How it works: “The design is rounded at the top and square at the bottom and works well in double-volume spaces,” explains De Villiers.

Best for: De Villiers says: “Flat-arch designs add a modern twist, while fixed arches make a classic statement.”

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Show windows

Designs aside, window frame materials can make a big difference in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Wood or aluminium? The choice is yours.

Material: Aluminium

Why it’s cool: An ideal low-maintenance option for areas that are completely exposed to the elements. “If you love a clean, slim, modern, aesthetically pleasing look, aluminium ticks all these boxes,” says Gustav Pansegrouw, franchise owner of Fair Deal Windows and Doors KZN.

Extrusions can be powder-coated in a matte to complement your home’s architecture. Says Pansegrouw: “In terms of hot new colour options, silver, black, charcoal, white and bronze are on the menu.”

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Window panes to add that extra sparkle…
uPVC: Contributes to passive heating and cooling. It’s ideal for maintaining a pleasant ambient temperature in your home, as it traps heat in winter and keeps your home cool in summer.

Double glazing: Double-glazed windows greatly reduce the amount of energy you need to warm up and cool down your home by as much as 50%.