Do away with dull and boring by adding colour, texture and interest to your home.

There’s a fine aesthetic line between allowing your home to reflect your specific taste and being stuck in a rut. Clean-lined, modern spaces can easily look sparse, while classic design elements might seem dull and bland after a while. A quick and easy solution is to add colour, texture and unexpected pops of interest that reflect your personal style.

Paint a focal wall in a shade of olive

A lick of paint is a simple way to refresh your space. Instead of opting for safe neutrals, experiment with unexpected colour palettes that pack punch. Your bedroom is a great place to introduce olive and emerald hues. Round off the look with an emerald quilt.

Tip: Emerald and pastel pink is a great colour combo. Create an airier space by adding a few scatters in this softer colourway to an emerald-and-moss base palette.

Image: French Bedroom Company

Try an upholstered headpiece

Introduce some regal opulence to your bedroom with an upholstered headpiece in deep-turquoise velvet. The dash of bold colour provides an instant pick-me-up to an otherwise-muted palette of cool greys.

Tip: Give it something a little extra with textured fabrics such as velvets and furs, to complement the opulent look.

Image: Sweetpea & Willow

Introduce mosaic tiles

Even minimalist rooms can benefit from a touch of interest underfoot. Juxtapose highly ornate Byzantine mosaic flooring with a few understated pieces of furniture. Here, the intricate pattern should be the focal point.

Tip: Stick to crisp-white or pastel linen to ensure a clutter-free look.

Image: Urbanara

Ensure tactile interest with exposed brick walls

Exposed masonry is a textural counterpoint to a classic white ensemble. Layer the space with rattan and wicker elements.

Tip: Pull the look together with a textured rug in a neutral hue.

Image: Banak Importa

Image: Banak Importa

Create a focal point

Every room needs a visual point of interest, such as a subtle hint of colour. Change the pace in your living room with a couch in a soft pastel shade. Round off the look with scatters in bright clashing patterns.

Tip: Consider slip-covering your existing sofa for a less permanent pop of colour.

Image: Covet House

Personalise your kitchen with wallpaper

Wallpaper is a stalwart when it comes to reinventing interiors. So why not use it to pep up your kitchen walls? Go bold with an all-over treatment, or use a striking motif as a splashback.

Tip: When using wallpaper as a splashback, cover it with a sheet of PVC to protect the surface.

Image: Lime Lace

Image: Lime Lace