How to turn your bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary of calm and wellbeing…

Colour matters – Consider your bathroom’s colour scheme; is it conducive to rest and relaxation? Green, in all its shades, works well in a bathroom space, especially when combined with white and a mix of metallic finishes. Blue is also considered to be calming. Think inky blues and also charcoal grey, deep aubergine tones and neutrals such as creams, stone and earthy hues for the ultimate in peace and serenity. For more info about the emotions of colour and how to apply them in your home, click here.

Clutter-free space – Discreet storage for things like kids’ bath toys, extra toiletries, towels, beauty products and such is a must in a spathroom. The less visible paraphernalia and clutter the better.

Pure indulgence – What would a spathroom be without all the classic essentials of a spa: lotions and potions; from luxurious foam baths and bath oils to warming sugar scrubs, body lotions and other aromatic products. Anything containing lavender, rosemary, chamomile and mint, amongst other soothing scents, is a must. Place your products within easy reach so you don’t have to hop in and out of the bath to get them. And don’t forget the bath pillow to rest your neck on as you enjoy a long soak in the tub.

Wrapped in comfort – Most spas use only the fluffiest, most ultra-soft towels and bathrobes, so invest in the same for your spathroom. All towels have a fabric weight, measured with a GSM (grams per square meter) number. This refers to the density of the fabric – the higher the GSM, the closer you’ll be to that spa quality.

Turn down the lights – Bathroom lighting can be divided according to its purpose, the most common distinctions being task, ambient, accent and decorative lighting. Layering them effectively will leave you with a bathroom that is both inviting and functional. Ambient lighting refers to the general ‘all-round’ illumination; it fills the room and sets the overall mood. This is the type of lighting that is best-suited to a spathroom, so consider installing dimmers over the bath area, bring in as much natural light as possible, and don’t forget that candlelight also offers wonderful ambient light. For more tips on how to light your bathroom, click here.

Back to nature – Bring the outside in with natural materials, such as wood, stone and living greenery to inject energy into your spathroom. Research shows that having plants in our homes make us happier. For the bathroom, be sure to choose plant varieties that will thrive in a damp environment. “The best indoor plants to keep in a bathroom are Peace Lilies and Orchids because they enjoy indirect light and humidity,” says Deborah Hele from the Garden Shop. Another idea is to hang fresh eucalyptus leaves hanging in your shower, for instance, will give off all of their aromatic and therapeutic properties. Also mix and match different materials and finishes for a more tactile experience in your spathroom (as opposed to the more traditional bathroom look of all-round smooth surfaces).

Calming sounds – Listening to music can have a tremendously relaxing effect on our minds and bodies, so compile a playlist of soothing classics or nature sounds, such as waves breaking onto a beach, cascading waterfalls, rainstorms, birdsong and forest sounds to listen to while you soak your cares away. You can even use your spathroom as a space for quiet meditation. For a list of ‘Spa Music’ selections, click here.

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