The kitchen is the one space in the home that is always open to change. From appliances that are frequently upgraded to new trends and updated colour palettes. The future of kitchen design is about adapting to the way we use the space, as we all spend more time at home, making the kitchen the centre of family life.

Our imaginations can run wild as we imagine fully voice-operated kitchens or devices that can prepare meals at the click of a button. Here, Moremi Kitchens shares how even today we can benefit from significant technological advancements that are revolutionising the kitchen design industry.

Induction stoves

No more burners – the future of cooking is induction stoves. The induction stove is a unique kind of electric cooktop that relies on induction technology and is installed beneath your countertop ensuring that your pots and pans are heated when placed directly above the induction plates. Your kitchen will look seamless and clutter-free as the cooking area is entirely hidden.

But the technology doesn’t stop there: induction stoves can now be controlled from your mobile device, to start preparing your food at the click of a button.

Porcelain countertops

Porcelain is material that is becoming an increasingly popular material to use in the kitchen as it cannot be burnt, scratched, or discoloured like quartz. As it is a manmade material, it comes in a wide variety of colours and designs. Porcelain slabs come in 4mm, 6mm and 12mm.

Touch-to-open wall units

With the power of lift systems, cabinet doors can now be automatically opened with a single touch. With the front pulling up and out of the way, you now won’t have to duck underneath cabinet doors anymore to access the contents inside. Simply touch the wireless switch for the panel to silently move it back in place.

Moving countertops

Moving countertops conceal and reveal kitchen essentials like sinks, gas hobs and induction stove tops as the surface slides. It expands and reduces the size of the counter space, providing extra room for prep and dining areas. Moving countertops provide an element of surprise, making them a fresh and exciting feature in any kitchen.