The kitchen space has evolved a lot in the past 20 years to become the epicentre of modern life. According to our experts, the next decade holds the promise of even more lifestyle-enhancing innovation.

“We are excited about the new technologies that are being incorporated into appliances that are coming to South Africa this year. The tech-savvy kitchen is almost in reach; with appliances getting smarter and more affordable, people will think twice about how they use their kitchen space with so much that can be done with the swipe of a finger.”
– Daniel Slavin, Slavin


“We are most excited by the introduction of technology into the kitchen that makes the space more dynamic. We have recently launched our own sensorline 4.0 technology that is able to move stone counters. This means you can ‘close’ or ‘open’ your kitchen up and allow the kitchen to adapt to the ever-changing needs of a modern home, making it a dynamic, as opposed to static, space. With this, vertical panels of brass, aluminium, timber or even a piece of art can be electronically moved to the side to reveal your cooking zone and this, again, is all a part of showing the kitchen as modern furniture. We strongly believe the kitchen needs to serve people on various levels and we cannot settle for it only being functional or aesthetically pleasing. It needs to be more. It needs to be personal, dynamic, ever-changing, interesting and essentially an experience in itself, even before the cooking starts!”
– Philip Richards, blu_line


“Thanks to our architectural backgrounds and extensive combined experience
within the kitchen industry, my husband and I are able to bring new advances such as tinted
or mirrored glass doors that offer hidden yet still exposed internals, detailed metal work (for example bronze, copper, brass and blackened steel), monotone colours and touches of LED
lighting to create beautiful, desirable and stylish spaces where our clients can experience the look and feel of an impressive show kitchen with the appearance of a fashionable boutique for years to come.”
– Selma Zaifoglu, Linear Concepts

Linear Concepts

“The use of integrated appliances is becoming more and more popular to allow for seamless and clean designs. As is motion technology that allows for handleless cabinets and smooth and effortless opening of cabinets. Kitchens are now designed to last a lifetime and care and attention should be given to design kitchens that will suit the consumer into old age. Smart kitchen technology, such as mixers with sensors and fridges that alert you when groceries are running low, will become a way of life. In our fast-paced world, our kitchens should be designed with busy lifestyles in mind.”
– John Dammermann, Easylife Kitchens

Easylife Kitchens

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