Text Kelebogile Nondzaba

With demand for electricity being higher in winter, having an alternative source of power to keep your home warm and the kettle boiling is a good idea.

Many homes have already converted to gas stoves, and gas heaters are becoming more popular as the price of electricity climbs, and power cuts unexpectedly leave us cold and in darkness. But it is important to remember that, as with any pressure-controlled combustible material, special caution must be taken when managing gas and your gas container.

The Liquefied Petroleum Gas Safety Association of South Africa (LPGSASA), a non-profit organisation that represents companies involved in LPGas installation, distribution, retail, hardware and appliances, shares a brief checklist for the use of gas, keeping safety top of mind:

• Check that your cylinder is safe to use, and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines at all times.
• Never try to fill or dispose of a cylinder yourself – rather exchange the empty cylinder for a refilled one at a qualified and reputable distributor.
• Always turn your gas supply off at the cylinder valve. Never leave a gas heater or stove burning when you go to bed, leave a room or leave your home.
• Ensure that a certified gas practitioner undertakes the installation of any gas appliance, such as a gas stove, in your home.

For more information, visit Lpgas.co.za.