By Justine Olivier

Far exceeding expectations, the speed of new inventions often leaves one pondering where it will end and how far we can go.

iPod and iPhone

Launched in 2001, the Apple iPod has made leaps and bounds in the audio industry. In 2008 the vast range includes the iPod classic (hard drivebased), iPod touch (touchscreen), iPod nano and the iPod shuffle (screenless). The iPod touch was the first iPod with Wi-Fi and multi-touch interface features. The new Apple iPhone 2.0 is said to bring about significant change in the industry. Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, has said: “iPhone’s enterprise features combined with its revolutionary multi-touch user interface and advanced software architecture, provide the best user experience and the most advanced software platform ever for a mobile device”.


Imagine hearing your favourite song play every time your doorbell rings instead of that boring old hum drum ding-dong – now you can. This remarkable invention is a customisable doorbell which can hold 50 or so of your favourite songs. iChime, which is not affiliated to the iPod products, is also customised to play unique sounds, from the voice of a butler answering the door to a vicious dog barking.


Definitely on our cool gadget list is the latest innovation in the curtain field. Pulley curtains are fast becoming a thing of the past. Remotorail has introduced a remote control electrical curtain system. This system exudes ease and comfort as well as being physically disabled-friendly. Not only safe and reliable, installation is simple and the life span of the motor is an impressive 1000 hours.

Digital Luggage Scale

While some innovations may cost an arm and a leg for the consumer, Digital Luggage Scales certainly don’t. Even before stepping foot into an airport or battling to load your overpacked suitcase onto the scale at home, this unique invention is designed so as to display your luggage weight without you pulling a muscle.

There are few facets of life left untouched by the technological developments of the world. While most of them add luxury and keep us entertained, some add real value and significance to everyday lives.