Interview by Shereen Lurie

Goet is a furniture design and manufacturing company with strong South African roots and pride. The company was formed by Georg van Gass (an architect) and Zander van Niekerk (an expert carpenter and company owner). Goet strives to produce timeless furniture with expert craftsmanship.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Goet takes inspiration from South Africa – with its diverse cultures, natural beauty and textures. We embody this in a mixture of materials used in our furniture.

What is your design philosophy?

We strive to combine different materials in simple and minimalist designs. Our insert coffee table is an example of this. Here we use a crosscut tree trunk with a steel base and employed the simplest fixing method. With this object two materials combine to form a timeless piece of furniture.

Favourite designer?

At the moment, Marcio Kogan. He is a Brazilian architect.

Tell us about the different types of materials you use and why you use them…

We use a lot of natural timbers. These are mostly alien timbers that have been felled due to road expansion or new building projects. We also use SFC timbers such as American Ash. We then combine these with steel, leather or hand embroided fabrics.

Dream celebrity client?


Three winter trends you are most excited about…

We try and steer away from trends. We try and create pieces that will be beautiful in years to come. We do however play around with some touches of colour on an annual basis.

Any furniture items you covet?

Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman.

The secret to a successful business?

Hard work.


082 306 6198 – Zander
082 877 1132 – Georg