Herwe Truniger, owner of Easigrass Cape Town, shares some of the latest gardening trends and lets us in on some tricks of the trade.

1. Pots are ideal for adding points of interest to your garden. What is the biggest trade secret to healthy plants?

Remember to prepare pots correctly before planting. Use pre-fertilised potting soil in your pots, so that nutrients don’t leech away. Use pebbles on top to retain the moisture.

2. How can you give new plants a much-needed boost?

When planting new plants, add water-absorbing products like hydrogel to your soil. This will absorb the water and release it over time.

3. What is your advice in terms of aesthetics?

Hard landscaping elements like statues, pots, wooden sleepers and arches fills your garden with life. Place them in strategic spots to draw the eye to points of interest.

4. What is the first step towards creating a waterwise garden?

Our lawns are our biggest water guzzlers. Rather than wasting water on lawn, keep this rare commodity for your shrubs and trees to keep these alive.

Rainwater harvesting is a must. All your harvested rainwater and grey water will go a long way to water your garden or clean your patio and outdoor areas.

5. Any plant suggestions?

When choosing plants always be water wise. Although it is good to look for indigenous plants, they aren’t always water wise. So, be vigilant when making your plant choices.

Aloes and succulents have become hugely popular in these modern times. Mixed with water boulders and water-wise trees this combination can create a lovely garden.

6. Why is mulching so important?

It plays a vital role in retaining water in your garden. River pebbles and rocks are a great form of mulch, as is bark or wood shavings.

7. Lawns have become the ‘villains’ of the gardening world. But what if you have kids who need space to play?

Refrain from paving, as the surface is harsh and can become extremely hot. Also, rainwater flows away as it cannot seep into the soil beneath. Rather opt for quality, fully recyclable artificial lawn. Make sure it’s installed on the correct base to ensure good drainage.

If installed with the correct base, fully perforated artificial lawn will drain through and penetrate the soil through the crusher dust base which is made from organic material and compacted.