Technology has transformed our lives in so many ways, from how we communicate, work and play to even how we live in our homes. Here’s how to ramp up the style and functionality of your bath zone with cool and “intelligent” bathroom additions.

Smart sanitaryware

• Take your shower experience to the next level by installing a touch screen with programmed settings. At the touch of a button, you can set your ideal water temperature, spray intensity and lighting.

• With touch-screen taps becoming a common feature for baths and basins, trying to find the right balance of hot and cold water is about to become less of a guessing game. This new technology allows taps to control the water flow and temperature for both cost savings and energy efficiency.

• For a hygienic solution in your bathroom, go for a touch-less flush for the toilets. This technology makes use of sensors to operate, allowing you to wave a hand to flush. There is also technology that has been designed to allow toilets open and close by a simple wave of the hand, which will prevent the battle of sexes in your home.

• Pampering yourself should not be limited to bath oils and a great tub. Soothing music and a high-quality sound system in your bathroom will definitely provide you with a calm and relaxing environment.

Leading lighting

• Create the right ambience to suit your mood, by managing the lights in your bathroom. Install an automated lighting system with colour changing LEDs, which can indicate the water temperature or light up your sanitaryware at night.<

More to the eye

• Although towel rails and underfloor heating aren’t new to the market, there have been developments to decrease electricity usage and costs. Something to keep an eye out for are hydronic-heated towel rails, which are designed to recirculate hot water.

• Add a splash of luxury with a built-in TV in your bathroom. Now you can catch up on the latest news, weather or the stock market in the morning, or watch a movie while you soak in the tub. If you are concerned about a TV compromising your style, there are ranges available to ensure it complements your decor. An option to consider is a tech-savvy mirror that doubles up as a screen.

Bathroom Butler

Bathroom Butler