With quite a number of people choosing to work from home, a home office has become one of the most important rooms in the house. Equal in importance is the way we choose to style this space, so that we can feel inspired and happy whenever we’re slogging away. Here are a few inspiring design ideas to help you create the home office of your dreams.


  • Fun and fresh

    Who says home offices need to be stuffy and boring? This light, bright and airy space has loads of storage and pops of colour to add happiness and fun.

    Image: bloglovin’ 

  • Neon brights

    Consider a selection of neatly lined, vintage, typographic motivational posters that you can hang on the walls of your home office. Pops of neon colours on various decor elements work well against the crisp white background.

    Image:  my paradissi

  • Utilitarian chic

    Wooden floors and monochromatic decor create a modern and utilitarian workspace.

    Image: my Luscious Life

  • A bookworm's heaven

    What better way to stir up the creative juices than by surrounding yourself with rows and rows of beautiful books. The black bookshelf gives this room a masculine feel, however it is offset against a plush, deep-buttoned chair and leafy floral arrangement to create a balanaced, harmonious environment.

    Image: shelterness


  • Old-school cool

    An old, wooden desk is given modern flair with a range of funky accessories. Babushka dolls add a touch of the whimsical, while woven baskets, leafy plants, and textured and monochromatic photographic prints all add interest. We love the vintage typewriter!

  • A calming space

    This Cape Cod–styled room has a variety of textures and patterns that all compete for your attention, and yet don’t overwhelm. If you would like to feature a number of different accessories in your home office, ensure that the main decor elements create a neutral background.

    Image: Better Homes and Gardens

  • Green queen

    Luxe wallpaper and furniture have created a sophisticated and indulgent room. A green and grey colour palette creates a calming and neutral space. How amazing is the gold sequinned scatter cushion?

    Image: Vertical Launch

  • Retro charm

    This room oozes retro charm. A mid-century wooden desk and cabinet; 60s-style radio; floral yet funky wallpaper; and trendy pendant light are old-school items made cool!

    Image: Fancy Home Design

  • Timber-tastic

    Things we love in this room – cubby-hole storage space; table-top filing cabinet; mismatched paintings; wooden panelled wall; and the overuse of teal – basically everything. Each element is so distinct yet still manages to work so well to make this an incredibly interesting visual space.

    Image: Ultralinx

  • Marvel at metallic

    Metallic decor remains one of the biggest home decor trends. So go glam with gold, silver and bronze accessories, juxtaposed against soft and feminine fabrics. The folding decorative screen has an Art Deco flair, and creates a bold statement in this otherwise neutral room.

    Image: obaz