Robots, artificial intelligence (AI), sensors, 3D printing, the internet of things… 2017 is the year of home tech and then some. With CES behind us, it’s safe to say that robots are finally taking over. From vacuum cleaners to lawn mowers, aromatherapy gadgets and smart kitchen bits and pieces, robotics – devices which work autonomously – are clearly here to stay.

When you have kids, washing can get the best of you. But imagine if you didn’t have to worry about folding the laundry? Meet FoldiMate, a robot due in 2018 that will not only fold any item of clothing you have super-quickly, but it can also steam, add perfume, soften and sanitise as it goes along. All you need to do is clip your clothes (they reckon it will be less than three seconds per item) and hit start.

And then there’s Kuri, a friendly-looking robot for the home that rolls around performing everyday tasks such as reading bedtime stories to your kids or giving you a quick weather update. And with a built-in high-def camera that recognises faces, you can easily use it to check in on your pets or monitor your home when you’re not there. The best part about Kuri? It knows when it’s time to power up and will return to its down – on its own – to charge up.

For outdoor entertaining, we’re quite keen on SUNFLOWER, a solar-powered smart patio umbrella that connects to your home WiFi and can monitor the sun to make sure you’re always in the shade. Connect it with the SmartShade app and you’ll be able to use it as a music speaker. Oh, and did we mention it works on voice commands?

A more traditional-looking robot, the Ubtech Lynx is going to be your best friend. While performing tasks – it talks and walks – it will also try to learn what makes you happy, by reminding you of your schedule and singing to you on your birthday. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s possible. The Lynx is also so nimble it can also teach you yoga by actually instructing you on correct pose positioning.

Can you imagine a home filled with robots yet?