By Kate Ferreira

Don’t let security stresses ruin your well-deserved holiday. As technology advances, it has become easier than ever to control almost all aspects of your home security remotely – and the prices are coming down too.

Ryan Kröger is the director of AC Screens and Shutters. He says, “Integrated security devices for the home and office are becoming more and more affordable. At a basic level, the installation of wireless cameras, video door phones, lighting receivers and a simple device that allows one to control each device via an internet connection and app on your smartphone is easily achieved.”

AC Screen & Shutters

Shut it down

AC Screens is an accredited installer of Somfy products and systems, “the world’s leading manufacturer of tubular motors”, says Kröger. These motorised aluminium roller shutters for domestic use can be used for temperature control and security, and are easily managed through your smartphone. So you can check on the state of your shutters from anywhere your phone works – including the beach.

Somfy’s Connexoon or Tahoma devices can be used to “control your roller shutters, view your camera feed, turn your lights on and off, talk to your intercom at home or unlock a door from a remote location”. The Tahoma devices also use open-source software so they can be connected to things like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Somfy Camera

Eyes peeled

Security experts Yale have also recently released a new connected camera. They call it the All-in-One because of its multitasking nature – combining camera and light source, as well as live viewing, motion detection, and built-in audio so you can have real time conversation with an occupant – like a holiday guest – while you’re miles away.

“All you need is a Wi-Fi router and internet connection to take full advantage of the All-in-One camera’s many features,” says Yale’s Stacey Conradie. “It is simple to use and easy to install.” And, she adds, “the All-in-One camera is ideal for renters, who do not want to invest in large CCTV systems and who want to easily take their cameras with them when they move.”


Pop and lock

HandleCo’s Dean Cohen is a fan of the combination of Libra cylinders and The Argo App. They work together, he says.

“The Libra is a retro-fittable cylinder for a standard fittable lock, which will convert the door into a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth-enabled access controlled door. The door can be opened by a user with permission, via their mobile phone using the Argo App,” he says. There are also optional upgrades available for the home, such as a digital key, time-based or once-off, and you can access the full usage or history of the lock.

“This system is scalable; it can handle multiple cylinders for both residential and commercial application,” and is – Cohen adds – HandleCo’s “fave application” for cylinder front locks on Airbnb rentals.

One system to rule them all

The Control4 Home Automation system offers a whole solution, says Homemation’s Warren Husband. This system includes cameras and video monitoring, locks and alerts.

It can be set up to alert you as someone enters the home, if the garage door is left open, or even if a leak is detected. This is really intelligent security, he assures.

But intelligent need not mean complicated. Husband says the system is as elegant as it is effortless, offering one-press arming to set the alarm, engage the cameras and lock all doors.