Security is a key consideration for South African home owners – but how do you make your home as safe as possible, without compromising on design?

Trellidor Rollerstyle shutters

• Lindy Barry of Trellidor advises fitting custom-made security barriers. These tend to be neater and less obtrusive than off-the-shelf options, because they fit your doors and windows precisely – which means they also offer better security.

• We tend to think white when we think of security barriers. However, powder coatings make it possible to match your barriers to your home’s colour palette. Ask your provider about options like bronze or black. Remember, though, to keep all barriers the same colour, wherever they are in the home. This creates a unifying effect, especially if you’ve used different designs throughout.

• “Choose barriers that are appropriate for the room’s function,” Barry says. She cites Trellidor’s Clear Guard security screens as an example: these see-through screens don’t interfere with your views, so they’re ideal for living areas. Meanwhile, steel burglar bars might be the best bet for the bedroom, while an aluminium roller shutter will secure stairways and passages.

Trellidor Clear Guard doors

• Aluminium louvre shutters are attractive and on trend, and can even be used to replace windows and blinds – but make sure that the brand you buy isn’t about aesthetics only. They need to be strong enough to protect the home from attack.

• Security screens are another popular choice at the moment, allowing home owners to merge indoor and outdoor spaces without compromising security. As an added bonus, these even keep out mosquitoes and insects when you’ve left the door open on a hot summer night. Again, a caveat: make sure the brand you choose has been designed with security in mind, rather than simply looks.

• Don’t forget fencing: Tessa van Wyngaarden of Storm Distribution says your gate must match the style of your fence to create a uniform look. Be careful, though: once you have gone to great lengths to secure the perimeter of your property with a fence, your gate shouldn’t be a weak link that provides accidental access.

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