By Rami Moorosi Project Consultant Anine Ehlers, Photography Roelene Prinsloo

Guests who are privileged to visit this abode are not only greeted with an impressive double volume entrance hall. The focal point in this elegant space is a large, enchanting hand-painted mosaic panel.

Complementing this work of art is a wrought iron table enhanced by two matching candle holders mounted on both sides of the panel. With the help of an interior decorator who is also a close friend, the owner was able to create interiors that ooze sophistication and comfort. Teamwork between the home owner and her interior designer ensured that her eclectic sense of style is catered for in a manner that reflects her personality. The owner describes her preferred style as a harmony of both modern and classic, and clean lines without clutter.

When asked about her favourite room, the owner simply replied “my luxurious bathroom and bedroom”. This comes as no surprise as this as an opulent space that induces relaxation – this sanctuary boasts underfloor heating, large window and TV screen.

Entertaining guests is always a pleasure thanks to elements such as an expansive entertainment area that comes complete with underfloor heating – ensuring that guests are always comfortable all year round. Technology adds convenience with a home automation system that allows you to control the home at the touch of a button. Built to meets its owners requirements, this home is a home for all seasons.

TIMELESS DESIGN (083 283 3970)The artistic flair of Timeless Design has been displayed in this home’s interior and exterior colour schemes, curtains, as well as the furniture design for the family room, patio and bedrooms. Timeless Design also enhanced the entrance hall with a hand-painted mosaic panel, along with wrought iron table with matching candle holders. CIVIC AUTOMATION SYSTEMS (011 907 2878)was responsible for installing the Clipsal CBUS Home Automation System into this home. This system is a live-in housekeeper that is always on duty – when you are at work your geyser automatically switches off and if there is a power failure an sms will be sent to your phone. Not only does the home automation provide security but it also enables you to control your home in ways you never thought possible – all at the touch of a button.