Thanks to the brains behind Homefarm, it’s never been easier to grow fresh herbs and microgreens at home. No bigger than a standard microwave oven, the fully-enclosed hydroponic units slot seamlessly into any kitchen space, and can be hooked up to a water main to become fully self-sustaining via app.

With each unit temperature controlled and perfectly calibrated to provide the ultimate growing environment – free from pests and disease – there really is no green thumbs required. Just plant your Homefarm seed pods in the slots provided, select the correct settings and in four weeks, begin to harvest your very first crop, with weekly harvests thereafter.

After being successfully funded via online crowdfunding site Indiegogo last month, the Homefarm team is now hard at work putting their fully-enclosed hydroponic units into production. Which means we could all soon be looking at a guilt-free future without soggy lettuce wilting in the salad crisper.