There’s nothing better than a home that makes you feel warm and comforted as soon as you enter its doors. And by creating a plush, cosy environment you’ll have an endless source of inspiration that will inspire and delight your family and friends.

Line the walls with bookshelves

Bookshelves bring personality to any room and are a great conversation starter. The bookshelf here works with the industrial look of the room as the books are placed against the rough, brick wall.

Bring the outdoors inside

The benefits of indoor plants are endless. A lush display of plants will add freshness, purify the air from household toxins (top-purifying plants include ivy, ficus, ferns and palms), brighten a space – plants reflect light, and obviously add an element of natural beauty.

Texture is key

Layering different materials will create a charming and interesting juxtaposition of elements. A plush velvet, deep-buttoned armchair placed next to a mirrored coffee table oozes glamour, and a stack of decor books placed on wicker ottoman creates an intriguing tactile space. So combine metal, wood, porcelain, plastic and other materials for a textured look.

Incorporate quirky elements

Displaying a collection of unique decor items such as bold oversized artwork, a collection of mismatched photo frames and homemade pendant lights will give your home an eclectic and homely feel and will broadcast your  love for decor and design. Choose a few key pieces to ground your design and echo these key elements with complementary pieces. In this image, the designer has used earthy neutral walls, floors and furniture as a foundation against which a bright pink unit and interesting rug can “pop”.

Get a large rug

Nothing quite creates as much as a luxe focal-point than a plush rug. A well-chosen rug will tie in all the elements and contribute to the overall cohesiveness of a room. Woven, tufted, embroidered or braided, there are a multitude of styles, colours and designs to suit any interior. Make sure your rug is large enough for all your large furniture to sit comfortably on.