The health benefits of hydrotherapy, as has been proven internationally over decades, are unsurpassed. Available literature suggests that hydrotherapy improves immunity and aids pain management for people with asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, fatigue, anxiety, obesity and hypothermia, among others. Hydrotherapy also accelerates the healing of injured or exercised muscle tissue.

Summer Place Cloud Island Bath

Another side to hydrotherapy that cannot be evaluated scientifically concerns the effect on the mind. The luxurious warm water encourages togetherness and relaxation allowing the stresses and daily tensions to float away, leaving a sense of well-being.

The patented Summer Place Centre-Air induction Jets have long since been considered groundbreaking in their ability to deliver a comfortable yet deep penetrating hydro-massage via a stream of water combined with air. This is acknowledged globally as the jet design that delivers the most effective deep tissue massage of any spa bath on the market. “The air serves to soften the force of the water, dispersing what would otherwise be a penetrating and uncomfortable stream of water,” explains Glenn Varrie, marketing director.

Summer Place Moderno Duo Island Bath

Innovative design, superior quality, clean lines – these are some of the characteristics that have been become synonymous with Summer Place Spas & Baths over the past 50 years. Since inception in 1968, they’ve evolved into a trusted leader in the spa and bath market with exceptional products matched with excellent back-up service.

Summer Place baths are self-draining systems that ensure dry pumps and plumbing when the bath is emptied, thereby ensuring a hygienic system at all times. While design inspiration is drawn from the latest in European trends, each bath is carefully adapted and custom-made to suit the taste, preference and conditions of the company’s discerning South African and African clientele.

Summer Place Sicilia Bath

Whether you’re looking for the timeless simplicity of an oval shape (Summer Place Cloud Island), European minimalistic straight lines (Summer Place Moderno Island Bath), or the indulgence of a luxurious twin corner bath fit for a palace, choose Summer Place Spas & Baths.