Transform your home with dazzling pendant lighting. We share expert advice, including an edit of 10 captivating pieces.

1. Ask yourself what activities take place in that room and organise your lighting accordingly. For example, your living room will require downlights that give it a general glow. – Sue McCoubrey, Block & Chisel

Limburg Chandelier from Block & Chisel

2. For a linear-shaped reception space or over a long dining table or counter the ideal accent piece would be an elongated-shaped chandelier. For a minimally styled interior, the Cocoon offers this in spades – with its clean elegant lines and minimal styling it will still add life and richness to a space. – Adam Hoets, Willowlamp

Cocoon from Willowlamp’s latest collection

3. When selecting pendant lights for overall lighting, consider a pendant with a light diffuser or use semi-opaque bulbs, to avoid circles of bright light being cast onto your space. For task lighting, choose pendants that are open at the top to ensure the light underneath is not too harsh. For feature or accent lighting, add a dimmer switch to your pendant lights, to create versatile light output. – Walter de Lima, Touchstone Lighting

Pharo Pendant from Touchstone Lighting

4. Clustering or grouping pendant lights is a popular trend at the moment, be it in the middle of a room, in a corner nook, over a dining room table, a kitchen island or cascading down a stairwell. When hanging groups it is always advisable to connect the fitting to a separate switch rather than to the rest of the room’s lights. The cluster is normally the feature and you can highlight this by controlling the focal point. – Eli Kalmi, K. Light

Iceberg Glass Pendant from K. Light

5. A bold chandelier such as the Hope Suspension Light by Luce Plan is definitely a showstopper, so find somewhere special to hang it. It will be the focal point of any room so ensure it has enough space to make a great impact. This style of light is perfect for above a dining table or in an entrance hall. – Guy Harris, Newport Lighting

Hope Suspension Light by Luce Plan from Newport Lighting

6. When choosing a pendant one must take the following into consideration: How low will the pendant hang, will it be centred or off centre to create an effect? Should the pendant have its own separate switch? Visually, the scale of the pendant must match the scale of the room. Small pendants should be grouped together in a larger space. – Marita Boyers, Casarredo Collezione

Melt by Tom Dixon from Casarredo Collezione

7. Opt for LED lamps ­– these offer longevity and draw less electrical current. Be sure to balance your lighting options by mixing task lighting with ambient lighting so that you have the right kind of light for every eventuality. – Karen Cawthorne, KARE South Africa

Saturn Pendant Lamp from KARE South Africa

8. Add a casual, beachy feeling to your space with Rattan pendants. Beautifully woven by the expert hands of craftsmen, they add the perfect dose of artistry and texture to a room. The possibilities are endless: place them above a dining or kitchen table, outside in a sheltered area or in an entrance hall. – Tanya Kann, Pilgrimage Spaces

Rattan Bell Pendant from Pilgrimage Spaces

9. If you’re looking for something to shed more light, a lighting piece such as the Nelson Saucer Bubble Pendant is great as it illuminates any room that it’s in, because of its light-weight exterior. – Donna Smith, Créma Design

Nelson Saucer Bubble Pendant by HAY from Créma Design

10. A chandelier or pendant light is a great way to create a focal point or add a touch of sophistication to a space. Consider pendant lights to achieve a stylish, modern look. – Kelly Klopper, Eurolux

Harrington Pendant from Eurolux