By Marianne McDonald, Project Consultant Monique Rankine, Property Coordinator Gina Waldman_Balkind, Photography Irma Bosch

Johannesburg estate living often bucks the trend of high walls and electric fences in favour of open spaces and uninterrupted views. And this is exactly what these home owners loved about the double stand on which they built their dream home.

The two-bedroom home is streamlined and unassuming on approach, but packs a punch the further you venture into this example of modern architecture at its best.

Not only are the bedrooms north facing, but so too are the kitchen and living room – taking full advantage of light and warmth, and making the most of the gorgeous patio, tiered garden and views beyond. “We wanted to create a space with an easy flow from the living area to the patio and garden. The patio is our favourite part of the house. We love the feeling that it is part of the house as well as part of the garden.”

With a challenging stand shape, the owners worked closely with the architect to ensure that views and space were maximised.

“When the drawing was presented by the architect, we immediately loved the mono pitch and double-volume design. The use of tall glass windows and sliding doors allows natural light to pour into the entire house,”
they explain.

But when it came to the interiors of the home, the owners were secure enough in their own tastes and needs to undertake this aspect of the build themselves. “The furnishing is a work in progress. We acquire items of furniture and artworks that we love, and with specific positioning in mind.”

This attention to detail and unique design eye is evident in the fabrics, rugs and wall coverings, reminiscent of impressionist paintings and sporting a touch of old Hollywood glamour. “We wanted a contemporary feel that was still comfortable,” say the home owners.

Achieving this meant breaking some rules and taking some chances. With this in mind, they advise others embarking on this journey not to go with the safe options. “Try something different and carry your theme through.”