By Trisha Harinath

According to industry experts, an antique is any piece that is 100 years or older.

Celeste McArthur, the owner of Red Rose Furniture Imports, says that when it comes to purchasing antique pieces, one of the most important rules to remember is to do your homework thoroughly. ‘Understand what you are buying before making any purchases,’ cautions Celeste.

Owner, Saul Bamberger, of Olde ‘n New Antiques adds that when shopping around for pieces, it is imperative to first and foremost fall in love with the piece. ‘If you love it, buy it and also consider that the chances of finding that piece in the future are very small,’ advises Saul.

After establishing what pieces you would like to purchase, many industry experts advise consumers to visit reputable dealers only. “One has to trust the dealer from whom they are purchasing pieces,” says Roger England of Roger England Antiques. When asked about how one can verify the authenticity of antique pieces, Roger says that dealers should provide clients with certificates of authenticity for each piece.

With proper care and maintenance, antique pieces are guaranteed to add value in the home. “It is my belief that antique pieces add real value to a modern-styled home as to mix a touch of the classical-style furniture or period pieces into a modern home can give off a timeless and opulent feeling of warmth. Additional well chosen pieces create the grandeur and style that makes a house a home,”  says Celeste McArthur.