If you’re looking for a place to unleash your creative self, you don’t have to look much further than social media nowadays, which has made it possible for novices and professionals alike to show off their wares and designs on visual platforms such as Instagram.

Instagram, especially, has turned into the go-to place for designers, crafters, artists and decorators, etc. Simply upload a beautiful image, keep the copy short and sweet, don’t forget the hashtags and you’re good to go. In fact, if you look up #decortips on Instagram, you will find yourself with a list of over 43 000 posts to choose from. And it doesn’t even matter if the commentary that comes with it is in a language you understand, as the picture usually speaks for itself.

We did a bit of trawling and found these home-décor tips for you…
● Need more shelf space? Repurpose an old ladder into a unique surface for your knick-knacks, photos, books and more. – thedanforthapts
● Small decorative elements – like an assortment of vases – can make a big difference in your home. – invhomedecor
● Pillow chopping is a styling trend which is likely to stay well into 2018. The term “pillow chopping”
refers to a way of shaping pillows achieved by fluffing a feather- or down-filled pillow and using a karate chop motion to create an indentation in the top. – veronicaaesthetica
● Floral arrangements in vases, garlands hung at doorways, floral dividers and flowers cascading from ceilings are a few ways to liven up a space. Wall-mounted plinths with floral arrangements can double up as wall art and décor accessories. – telelifemagazine
● Animal heads as wall decorations have been an interior trend for years – and there’s a reason it’s not going out of style. It’s stylish, chic and a little quirky. – melody_maison
● Need a kitchen refresh? Change your cabinet door and drawer fronts, and add new knobs and handles, to save about 50 per cent on all-new cabinets. – decoredonline
● Just adding layers of cushions with the right colour and textural combination can uplift the look and feel of your home. – vishvesh.loveyourliving
● Need a ‘novel’ new way to organize your bookshelf? I separate my read and unread books. – lottelikesbooks

‘What I’ve learnt from Instagram’ – SAHO Online followers have their say…

“My favourite décor page on Instagram is chrislovesjulia. I especially love her picture ledge behind her couch; problem is I don’t have a free wall to put one up! Even though she’s not active any more, housetweaking is another goodie. Dana’s page is all about making tiny spaces work double duty. For good DIY ideas, try younghouselove – they’ll even teach you how to tile your bathroom.

My latest love is insieme_house – the opposite of minimalist and so much colour! She’s US-based but has lots of Zimbabwean art in her house… stuff you can readily find at a local flea market.” – Shannon

“I’ve learnt that following trends can be a costly exercise, so I rather invest in some classic base pieces and change smaller items around, budget depending. I’ve also learnt that moving and switching pieces between rooms will freshen up the look again. And where possible, reduce, reuse and recycle. I especially like gonk_2014 on Instagram, but also get a lot of my decorating ideas off Pinterest.” – Christel

“The one thing I have learnt from Instagram is that ‘local’ is just as good, if not better. And it’s ALL about the #!” – Chantelle

“Much of my inspiration comes from social media. It’s such a rewarding way to share ideas! I like inspire_me_home_decor – their posts are quite classic and they have lovely organizational ideas and colour schemes. I also follow redmanartza as I love contemporary African art and design and feel that it’s important to embrace décor ideas from your own country or city. Interestingly enough, I also follow a few food/restaurant pages like thejoburgfoodie and foodblogjhb, because besides the great food, the décor is always amazing. I’m very inspired by the style and décor in restaurants.” – Kim

What are some of your ‘Insta favourites’? Share them with us…