Your home should be a place where you find peace. It’s where you eat, sleep, love, dream, play and more. You want it to be a calming refuge. Daniela Da Rocha from Da Rocha Interiors, shares a few décor design tips to make your home your favourite place.

  1. Incorporate indoor plants Plants are great to decorate with. They introduce an organic and natural beauty and feel to a space. Not only are they great for décor, but are important for your overall health and well-being.
  2. Go for a neutral and light colour scheme Bold colours and hues can alter your mood and feelings, so we suggest a neutral backdrop and then accessorise with bolder colours.
  3. Add quirky elements – A bold-coloured chair or ottoman or an art gallery wall will add charm and cheerfulness to any interior space.
  4. Declutter – Create peaceful and calming indoor spaces by keeping clutter to a minimum. It’s always advisable to have a range of storage options so that your possessions are neatly stored and easily accessed.
  5. Go for white and neutral bed linen – Your bedroom is the one space where you can completely relax and unwind, so give the room a relaxed and calm feel with neutral linen. You can always add visual interest with scatter cushions and throws.
  6. Incorporate artwork – Use art as a reflection of who you are. Always buy pieces you love.
  7. Use ambient lighting – Lighting is a great way to create ambience in your home. Ambient lighting includes candles, chandeliers or pendants on dimmer switches as well as lamps with a warm white globe. We suggest you avoid bright white light unless used for task lighting.

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