By Heidi Olivier, Property Consultant Candice Jin, Photographer Nic Baleta

Safety came first for this family. The first thing you notice when you drive into the estate is the lack of burglar bars. It helps that a lot of people are jogging, walking their dogs, and kids are having fun on their bicycles – it is a very laid-back atmosphere.

The owners wanted an open, light and airy feel to their home. They wanted a house that was first and foremost a home that would accommodate the day-to-day activities of the children.

“Family is very important and we love impromptu get-togethers. The house just lends itself to easy-going living,” says the home owner.

The main bathroom is a firm favourite, with its large shower, white oval bath, natural colours and tranquil feel. “It’s like a spa treatment every time we shower or bath,” explains the owner. The wooden four-poster bed adds to the feeling of spa living. An earlier trip to Zanzibar was the inspiration behind the front door. Handmade, the unique door with its intricate carvings proudly welcomes all who pass through it.

The living area opens onto a patio, swimming pool and entertainment area, perfect for those family get-togethers. The natural colours, open spaces, clean lines and wooden finishes radiate an island holiday. The kitchen, with its white, wooden and stainless steel finishes, has all of the modern conveniences that a family needs.

With its ample cupboard space and work tops, you can envision a family throwing a meal together to be enjoyed on the patio overlooking a well-lit manicured garden on warm summer nights. The skylight looking down onto the upstairs passage adds to a feeling of space.

Every detail in the home, from the cladding on the feature walls, the contrasting colours of the walls and skirtings, to the large glass windows, lends itself to family island fun. The wooden furnishings, such as the wardrobe, trunk and headboard in one of the bedrooms, not to mention the high-back chair in the upstairs passage, enhance the overall feel of the home.

Even the air conditioners are inconspicuously placed so as not to interfere with the atmosphere of the home.

When creating your dream home, the home owner has this to say: “Have a properly accredited architect and project manager. Do a lot of homework, Google, read magazines and do price checks. Listen to your heart. You have to live in that house for the next 20 years, so you have to feel comfortable in it. You can let people guide you in certain decisions, but ultimately you make the choice.”