Italian flare is admired by all. From furniture to fashion, there’s something quite striking about Italy’s distinctive design approach, materials and, most importantly, fine craftmanship. We’ve rounded up some favourites that can be found right here in SA…


The Joint side and coffee table set by designer Marconato e Zappa is just what every living room needs. With a combination of metal and wood in a joint, these beautifully designed pieces epitomise the latest trends in furniture design with glass and marble tops. Available from Maldini.

Porada Coffee Tables

Diesel by Foscarini

Vintage in its design, the Diesel Mysterio Pendant Light by Foscarini adds an element of charm to any modern interior, be it for your home or office. Don’t you just love this piece? Available from Newport Lighting Concepts and Design.

Diesel Mysterio Pendant Light


We are crushing over these gorgeous Brigitte armchairs by FENDI Casa. The perfect combination of masculinity and femininity, they’re elegant in design yet provide a strong presence to any living room.
Available from Casarredo Collezione.

FENDI Casa Brigitte Armchair

Poltrona Frau

From a Cockpit Pista Ferrari chair to these armchairs, Poltrona Frau certainly has a wide range of beautifully designed Italian pieces. The Scarlet, Archibald, Ren and 1919 armchairs offer the perfect living room setting, as each item effortlessly complements the next. We can imagine ourselves returning home to this, sitting comfortably while sipping on a hot cuppa … We’re sure you can too! Available from Poltrona Frau.

Poltrona Frau Scarlet, Archibald, Ren, 1919 Armchair


Designed by Fratelli Monti and Archivio Storico Bonacina for DePadova, the T.54 is just the piece you need to freshen up your space. The rattan-core weaving of the structure creates an eccentric contrast, assigning pure uniqueness to this sassy piece. You might be tempted to keep it as an interest piece, however the minute you take a seat, you’ll be surprised by the comfort factor. Available from Generation Design.

Depadova T.54